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FAQ's - How Well Does Your Child Talk?

How Well Does Your Child Talk?
What To Look For!
What is a Speech Disorder?
What is a Language Disorder?
What is Stuttering?
What is a Voice Disorder?
What is a Social-Language Disorder?
What is Autism?
What is a Learning Disability?
What are ADD and ADHD?
What is an Auditory Processing Disorder?
What is Developmental Apraxia of Speech?
What are oral motor / feeding problems?
Do people outside your family usually understand your child's speech?

Are your child's expressive skills at the same level as his or her peers?

Can your child communicate thoughts, feeling and experiences?

Does your child speak easily without repetition of syllable or words (i.e., stuttering)?

Does your child hear you but at times not grasp or understand what you have said?

Does your child have difficulty following directions from you or others?

Does your child's voice sound clear with an age appropriate pitch like other children?

Are language problems causing your child to have academic problems in school?

How well your child talks and communicates is extremely important for his or her future success and happiness. No other skills have so powerful an influence in the total growth and development of your child.

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