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Comprehensive Speech and Language Evaluation

Comprehensive Speech and Language Evaluation
Speech and Language Therapy
Reading and Spelling Evaluation
Writing Evaluation
Reading and Spelling Intervention
Writing Intervention
Math Intervention
Talking Toddlers: A Toddler Communication Therapy Group
Child to Child: A Preschool Social Language Therapy Group
Kid Talk: An Elementary Social Language Therapy Group
Teen Talk: A Middle and High School Social Thinking® Group
Getting In Gear: A Learning Strategies Group
Fast ForWord Programs
Feeding and Swallowing Disorders
The purpose of a speech and language evaluation is to measure the child's communication skills. The speech language pathologist is interested in determining your child's strengths and weaknesses in communication. The speech language pathologist uses formal assessments, behavioral observations, parental report, and background information about the child to determine if a speech and/or language problem is present.

Before the evaluation it is important to fill out the Case History form to provide the therapist with a description of your child's medical, developmental, and familial history.

During your child's evaluation, testing will occur to compare your child's skills with other children of the same age. The tests chosen are based on the concerns expressed by the parents and referring physician. Testing for toddlers may be play-based and interactive. Testing for preschoolers may include formal tests and play. For school-age children formal tests are administered. Tests given by the speech-language pathologist may look at the child's:
  • Receptive vocabulary
  • Understanding of grammar and syntax
  • Understanding of directions, and information as it increases in length and complexity
  • Auditory skills
  • Expressive vocabulary
  • Expressive use of grammar and syntax
  • Word-retrieval
  • Articulation
  • Voice Quality
  • Fluency or smooth flow of speech
  • Social use of language for interactive communication
  • Oral-motor and Feeding skills
A comprehensive evaluation is very important for your child. The evaluation results help determine your child's needs. A good evaluation allows the therapist to precisely target weaknesses for intervention.

Following the evaluation, interpretations and findings are discussed in detail with parents and/or guardians. Also, a written report summarizing the findings and recommendations is completed for parents, guardians, and any other professionals involved in the child's care.

Call the PSLS office to schedule an evaluation at (480) 991-6560.

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