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Fast ForWord Programs
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Fast ForWord® Products

Scientific Learning Corporation presents… ForWord Products®

Efficient.     Effective.     Enduring.

Did you know that up to 10 percent of children have language impairments and up to 20 percent of children have reading impairments? Are you looking for a language-based intervention that has been proven by brain science to help with language and reading problems?
  • Memory - The ability to hold information and ideas short and long term.
  • Attention - The ability to focus on information and tasks, and ignore distractions.
  • Processing Rate – The ability to process incoming information quickly (through written words and spoken language) and rapidly recall information.
  • Sequencing - The ability to determine, recognize and remember order—of letters within words and sentences within paragraphs—as well as placing details in the correct order, as in following multi-step directions.
Why It Works:
Fast ForWord® is a computer based intervention that uses the principles of neuroplasticity to treat the underlying causes of language and reading challenges in children and adolescents. That's why it works! It starts with the brain and builds memory, attention, processing rate, and sequencing - the underlying cognitive skills needed for learning. When these skills are targeted simultaneously, wonderful changes in language and reading skills result! Fast ForWord® users can experience achievement gains of 1-2 years in as little as 12 weeks.

Why Fast ForWord® is Different:
The Fast ForWord® training program is rooted in the research of how the brain processes sounds and language. Neuroscientists discovered that some children with language and reading problems have trouble processing sounds fast enough to distinguish the rapid acoustic changes in speech. Scientific Learning Corporation has altered the acoustics of speech so these children can successfully process incoming sounds and information, adaptively speeding up the rate of neural processing.

Who Can Do It?
  • Children five years of age and older
  • Children with learning disabilities including dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, auditory processing disorder, and some children with autism spectrum disorders
Research Validated!
  • Substantiated by research done at Rutgers, Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Cornell and many others.
  • There are more than 250 documented studies and over 55 patents in the fields of neuroscience and education, and research is ongoing.
Science Helping Children
Neuroscience has found that we have the ability to rewire and improve our brain! Fast ForWord® was developed from the work of Dr. Michael Merzenich, a neuroscientist and professor emeritus from the University of California at San Francisco and Dr. Paula Tallal, an expert on the neurobiological basis of language and temporal processing at Salk Institute for Biological Studies. Dr. Merzenich found that the brain changes due to its plasticity in response to stimuli with specific adaptive training techniques. Dr.Tallal found evidence that speed of processing was an underlying problem for children with language learning impairments.

Together, they developed Fast ForWord® by isolating fast acoustic changes within speech sounds, altering them through acoustically modified speech and gradually training important temporal aspects of speech and language. Fast ForWord® knows how much acoustic modification your child needs and continually adapts the exercises accordingly. As your child progresses through the training, his/her brain learns how to process acoustical signals at a faster rate, moving your child to a level of speech processing more consistent with children their age. This allows your child to learn more typically.

Brain Exercises That Make The Difference!

The Language Programs:

Fast ForWord Language v2
Develops and strengthens critical auditory processing skills including: auditory discrimination and sequencing, processing speed and accuracy, working memory, and comprehension of language structures and gives children the neurological foundation to move from processing and reading below grade level toward grade level language skills

Fast ForWord Language to Reading v2
Builds on the processing skills addressed in the Language 2 program while developing the link between spoken and written language to guide young students to become proficient grade level readers.

For Older Children & Adolescents

Fast ForWord Literacy
Develops and strengthens critical auditory processing skills including: auditory discrimination and sequencing, processing speed and accuracy, working memory, and comprehension of language structures and gives middle and high school children the neurological foundation to move from processing and reading below grade level toward grade level language and reading skills

Fast ForWord Literacy Advanced
Continues to build on the processing skills addressed in the Literacy program while bridging spoken to written language, guiding preteens and teenagers to become proficient grade level readers.

The Fast ForWord® READING Series:
Our READING Series products improve reading skills, giving children a feeling of competency and success!

Fast ForWord Reading Readiness
Builds pre-reading skills, with a focus on letter recognition and naming, phonological awareness, and letter-sound associations.

Fast ForWord Reading Level 1
Builds critical early reading skills, with an emphasis on phonemic awareness, early decoding skills, vocabulary knowledge and skills, and motivation for reading.

Fast ForWord Reading Level 2
Consolidates early reading skills, with a focus on applying phonics and decoding strategies, improving word recognition, and understanding the rules for reading comprehension.

Fast ForWord Reading Level 3
Builds on the Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 product by concentrating on reading knowledge and accuracy, with a focus on phonology and spelling, morphological properties and complexity, syntactic complexity, vocabulary and comprehension.

Fast ForWord Reading Level 4
Builds reading skills in school by applying knowledge of word origins, word forms, sentence structures, and punctuation rules to improve comprehension.

Fast ForWord Reading Level 5
Appropriate for students in upper elementary, middle and high school. It concentrates on enhancing advanced reading comprehension skills, expanding vocabulary skills, and strengthening writing skills.

If you feel that your child may be a candidate for this intensive intervention, please call our office to schedule a Fast ForWord demo at no charge.

"Fit Brains Learn Better!"

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