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Writing Evaluation

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  • Does your child have trouble writing what he or she is thinking?
  • Does your child use poor grammar when writing?
  • Does your child have trouble expanding an answer or providing details when writing?
  • Does your child have trouble putting words in the right order when writing sentences?
The PSLS writing evaluation focuses on the child’s ability to express their thoughts and ideas in writing. Writing is considered the highest form of language. As writing becomes more automatic, written language becomes even more complex than everyday speech. Children with language disorders are at a disadvantage when writing to express their ideas on paper. Inadequate writing skills may be distressing to children with learning disabilities, and written language skills are often a conspicuous marker of underachievement. The writing evaluation assesses the child’s ability to retell a story with a topic and sequence of events on paper. The child’s language skills are evaluated for grammar, syntax, organization, and vocabulary use. Written expression is also reviewed for spelling, punctuation, and form. Story construction skills are evaluated for use of a plot, character development, and general composition. A comprehensive portrayal of a child’s writing difficulties is a most useful prerequisite to planning remedial strategies.

Call the PSLS office if you would like to schedule this type of evaluation at (480) 991-6560.

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