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Does your child have difficulty...
  • learning and remembering basic math facts?
  • understanding mathematical concepts such as fractions, decimals and percentages?
  • when faced with timed computation tests, using fingers as counting support?
  • answering word problems, sometimes providing solutions that are illogical or "out of the ballpark," and be unaware of why?
If so, then a language-based math intervention program may be the answer!

Many children struggle with automaticity in recalling basic math facts. This problem may not be as simple as it appears. In many cases, children demonstrating difficulty with math have not developed a solid concept base in order to build upon. In mathematics, it is critical to have a strong, deep understanding of the base ten numeric system, the patterns/numeric relationships within it, and the mathematical principals that support it. In many cases we assume this knowledge is intact, however, upon further examination, there are "gaps" in a child’s understanding, making it challenging if not impossible to build new instruction upon. In some cases, skills that a child has learned previously in school have not been truly mastered before new information has been introduced, leaving the child confused, frustrated, and feeling "left behind."

Language-based math intervention also includes systematically teaching and strengthening the ability to visualize, identify and quickly attach value to a numeral, especially when presented in the context of an equation. In much the same way that a child must have a mental image of the letters in a word to correctly spell it, they must also have mental images of basic math facts including addition/subtraction and multiplication/division. This is a skill that can be taught! Through systematic instruction and practice, children are taught to image and recall all math facts quickly and accurately. Lessons are high energy and fun, and pacing progresses according to each child’s individual needs.

What if your child has mastered basic facts, but is now struggling to apply them to real life (word) problems? What if they don’t seem to "get" the concepts of place value, fractions, percentages and decimals? The problem may lie in a weak ability to visualize the "big picture." Much as children need to create mental images in order to comprehend reading material, they must also create a gestalt (complete idea) image to "connect to" and comprehend a language-based word problem. Understanding fractions, percentages and decimals requires an ability to take concepts that are abstract, and with instruction based on language therapy techniques including imaging and practice, make them more concrete and "real."

At Pediatric Speech and Language Specialists, our therapists strive to help your child become confident and independent in their mathematic skills, setting them on a course to successfully integrate mathematics into the world around them.

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