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Learn about how our specialists can tailor therapy specifically for your child.

Who We Help

Pediatric Speech and Language Specialists is well known and respected for helping children through young adulthood overcome speech, language, social communication, and academic challenges. Parents and caregivers play an important role in treatment with children. We have created an online resource space especially for parents and caregivers.

What We offer

We offer a wide range of speech, language, social communication and academic services. From evaluations to individual and group therapy, our goal is to maximize each client’s strengths and help overcome his or her challenges.

How We Help

PSLS staff help children through young adults develop critical speech, language, social communication and academic skills. We even tackle feeding skills in children with feeding challenges! We believe “one size fits all” approaches do not work, so we tailor our therapies to maximize each individual’s strengths and overcome his/her challenges. The skilled therapists at PSLS are trained in specialized treatments and methods. We use cutting edge treatments based on the latest scientific research. Many of the methods are useful for a variety of disorders and may be used in combination. By closely tracking the progress of each client, we can tailor our therapies to each individual’s needs and deliver lasting results.

Why Choose Us?

In our fast-paced world, well-developed listening, learning and speaking skills are essential. Parents turn to PSLS because research has shown that effective speech, language, social communication therapy and academic support at the right time can greatly improve a child’s chances of success in school and in life.