Therapy Through Telepractice Is Here

Therapy in the comfort of your own home

We are excited to announce treating our patients with Teletherapy (also known as Telepractice) has been a great success! Teletherapy works not only for those of us who may be home sick, but also for those who have trouble making it into the office on a weekly basis. Some insurance companies reimburse for teletherapy.

Helping Children Through COVID-19 Succeed Using Speech-Language Teletherapy

By Anita Werner, M.S. CCC-SLP

We did it! We made speech and language teletherapy work in our practice. That is quite an accomplishment. We see children of all ages and they have many different diagnoses. The progress we have seen is wonderful.

What our clients are saying about Teletherapy!

My eight-year-old son, Justin, has autism. He is loving Teletherapy! His therapy is so interactive with video, games and activities our therapist uses. This is the highlight of his day.
Brent (Justin’s dad)
I had my doubts. I wasn’t sure this teletherapy concept was going to work with my child. I couldn’t believe it when I saw our four-year-old, Kate, sitting at the table, responding and totally involved. I am a believer!
Sarah (Kate’s mom)
I held off on teletherapy due to my son’s short attention span. I saw him losing skills he had learned so we started. He is doing great and getting back the skills he lost. What a relief!
Jen (Hayden’s mom)

Learn More About Teletherapy for Your Child


  • For a PSLS client, this is a great way to avoid gaps in therapy progress and to access continued therapy in the comfort and safety of your own home.
  • For a NEW client, this is a means to access help for your child, even if you were NOT a previous client of PSLS. We are happy to take speech and language testing already completed by another practice or a school and help you implement therapy services. Does your child need an evaluation? Let’s talk.

How Are Sessions Different?

  • You need an internet connection. You also need a computer, a tablet with a webcam (i.e. iPad), or a camera phone.
  • We can still provide therapy materials in this medium that your child can see on the screen. A session can include the use of videos, worksheets, stories, PowerPoint presentations, toys, household objects, and interactive activities.
  • For younger children, such as toddlers, we use materials that you already have. Therapy was always intended to be something you can follow through with at home using toys you already have.
  • With any age child, we will use interactive games and exercises, as well as parent coaching.

Is Therapy Effective in Telepractice?

Research studies have revealed that online services can be as effective as face-to-face instruction in most cases. For information on evidence-based telepractice for speech and language therapy, you can review some of the research on all ages at

How is Telepractice Beneficial?

  • Telepractice allows your child to continue to receive the same therapy with the same clinician to help your child continue to make progress, while they are not able to attend in-person sessions
  • Some children are highly motivated and engaged by computer activities.
  • Many have been thrilled to have visits at their home from their speech-language pathologist. They want to show them their toys, their pets, and other things in the home.
  • Telepractice allows parents to be an even more active participant in therapy sessions.
  • It allows parents to learn about all the different ways to use things within the home as tools for therapy. It can be an exciting way to engage with your child in a structured way with coaching from your child’s therapist.

Do You Still Take Insurance?

  • It is your responsibility to check your insurance benefits and eligibility for therapy services. Remember to get the name of the person you speak with and the transaction number of the call. If you have an out-of-state insurance company, you will need to carefully check your benefits.
  • Remember, ultimately you are responsible for payment for all services that were not covered by your insurance plan.

In the end, this therapy is you, your child, and the therapist you already know interacting. The goals are the same and the people are the same. We are committed to providing you and your children with the same quality therapy services while allowing flexibility in scheduling.

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