School Contracts and Screenings

Preschool & Private School speech therapy screening services

School Contracts

We can directly contract with your school to provide assessments and individual or group therapy services during the school day at your site. We need a group of at least five students to come to your child’s school. We also need a quiet place to work with your child on the school campus. We also offer:

  • A private pay option for our specialized services at your site during the school day.
  • In-service events and training for teachers and staff members.
  • Individual screenings for speech, and language therapy services.
  • On-going parent and professional consultation and support.


At PSLS, we believe children with speech, language, and social communication difficulties have the best results when their problems are detected and treated as early as possible. That’s why we offer screening services to help schools and other youth organizations identify students with speech and language issues that warrant further assessment.

We conduct screenings for:

Preschool and Private School Programs.

Schools may contract with us directly or simply have parents with concerns sign up to complete screenings for their students. A screening is a quick way to monitor a child’s typical development. Screening tools are brief measures that distinguish children who are at risk for a developmental delay or disorder from those who are not. A screening is used not as a diagnosis but indicates a child’s need for further assessment and follow up. We screen for issues such as speech and language development and auditory processing disorders.

PSLS’s Therapy Programs.

We conduct in-house screenings to make sure a client is an appropriate candidate for our Social Thinking® Groups and is placed in the best possible group for his or her abilities. We also screen clients to determine the most appropriate computer-based learning programs, such as the Fast ForWord® Intervention series.